The primary purpose and mission of the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation has been to support the surviving family members of fallen Colorado State Troopers.  The CSPFF Board of Trustees broadened its mission and purpose to include the management of numerous safe-driving efforts and to promote public awareness of the needless tragedies that plague young drivers and passengers.

Some of the programs administered and/or supported by the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation and its staff are:

Alive at 25

This 4.5-hour driver’s awareness course developed by the National Safety Council and taught by certified law enforcement instructors is designed for young drivers aged 15-24.  Alive at 25 focuses on the attitudes and behaviors that affect young drivers and prepares them to deal with dangerous driving habits and situations.  In 2012, nearly 9,000 Colorado youth completed the Alive at 25 class.

The Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation has accepted the responsibility of expanding Alive at 25 on a national scale and is currently supporting the emergence of Alive at 25 programs in several states. We are pleased to collaborate with law enforcement agencies who have dedicated themselves to reducing automobile crashes involving young drivers and passengers.  Please visit the Alive at 25 website for more information.

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (ADoD)

This 6-hour driver’s awareness course is taught by certified law enforcement instructors and is designed for drivers of all ages who wish to improve their skills or have been mandated by the courts to take such a course.

Our goal is to reduce the number of violations, injuries and fatalities associated with automobile crashes.  The ADoD course includes defensive driving principles and strategies, factors that create risk, recognizing unsafe driving situations, and furthering the understanding that our even our driving choices are based on thought and reason.  Participants are taught to take responsibility for their behavior and to make the right driving choices.  Please visit the ADoD website for more information.


DDC-Online is a 4-hour online course based on the same content used in the National Safety Council instructor-led Defensive Driving Course— the most widely used driver safety program in the world.  Through animation, narration, video and interactive exercises the online defensive driving course offers an engaging, interactive learning environment where students analyze real driving situations, spot driving hazards, and identify the correct defenses.  Please visit the DDC-Online website for more information.

DDC Motorcycle Safety Program

DDC Motorcycle Safety is a 2-hour online course which combines top-quality content with state-of-the-art Internet technology for a learning experience that is interactive, motivational and educational.  You’ll learn about rider awareness, riding risks assessment, preparation for riding, street riding strategies, riding skills and more.  Please visit the DDC Motorcycle Safety website for more information.

Colorado State Patrol Youth Academy

The goal of the Colorado State Patrol Youth Academy is to assist in the development of future leaders for the state of Colorado.  The CSP Youth Academy focuses on leadership development through team exercises and individual achievement.  Cadets will become familiar with the basic elements of the traditional CSP cadet classes at the Golden Training Academy through a demanding daily training schedule.

The CSP Youth Academy will be mentally and physically demanding and will challenge all participants. The CSP Youth Academy is limited to forty participants selected throughout the state.

The CSP Youth Academy is provided at no cost to the participants and is made possible through partnerships with local community-minded businesses, organizations, and the Colorado State Patrol.  For more information on the CSP Youth Academy and to learn about upcoming classes, please visit their official page.